Are you one of the people who just can't let go of things or get over things? Than you're like me... Whenever something bad happens I just can't get over it! Espesially if I'm the one messing things up... I just keep obsessing about it, going through it over and over again - driving myself crazy! I beat myself up - over and over and over again! And if it's someone else who's hurt me, intensenaly or not, I over analyze it 'til I end up hurting myself even more...  Instead of realizing that someone accedently hurt my feelings I keep reliving it and just won't let it go... Anyone who knows what I'm talking about? I'm just really bad at forgiving people who don't appologize ('cause they don't know I'm hurting and it's a silly thing to be hurt by, most of the times ;)) and espesially bad at forgiving myself... If I became a smoker or addicted to drugs I think I would have a really hard time quiting because I wouldn't be able to forgive myself and that would keep me locked in... hm, I gotta go know... But I may wright more about this some other day... It's on my heart a lot ;)



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